Want to go on a Road Trip experience you'll never forget?

Over the past 25 years the Online Travel Agency’s have raised billions of dollars in Venture Capital funding. The top ten OTA’s have sold for an average of $2.1 Billion dollars.

The drive market travel space is wide open for growth. Welcome to Drive, the future of road trip travel!

1. The average startup investment of Venture Capital funding into online travel agencies
was $120M.

2. The average sale price of these OTA’ is $2.1 Billion

3. Drive market travelers represent 88% of the miles traveled in the US in 2022

4. There is a void in the market, no one is serving road trip travelers or travelers looking for
last minute deals, until now

5. Our plan is to dominate the drive market space once again and sell the company for
$1 Billion by 2030